Hello, my name is Joshua Higgins.

I am a web developer.

I've made a lot of personal websites over the years, trying to describe myself and my skills to those who may not know me. The problem is that as a sometimes freelance developer, I've found that my personal website always reflects who I was when I created a specific iteration, and never who I am at the moment you found it.

Instead of a fancy design full of the latest buzzwords that are likely to be irrelevant in a year's time, I present to you this. Static facts about me, displayed as simply as possible.

About Me


As a career developer, I have committed at least 40 hours a week to the following roles:


I am unabashedly excited about all things related to the web and am always willing to consult on your project's needs. Whether that means developing a web application, redesigning a website against some random CMS, architecting out your database schema, bug hunting, or consulting on your SEO, or deployment, or architecture, or whatever other strategies... Contact me via one of the methods below to discuss your project.